Nursery School and Pre-K

These classes promote our theory that “learning can be fun!”

Children focus on skills that prepare them for elementary school, such as pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-math. Teachers allow the children to experience learning through “hands on” applications.

Socialization is also an important part for these age groups. Constant reinforcement and encouragement help these children to understand friendships, sharing, and learning, allowing them to experience new ideas and life skills which better prepares them for higher education and fun. Our multicultural classrooms make interacting a great learning experience too.

Your child’s’ confidence will soar as they become more and more involved in daily academic lessons and master their skills.

Click here to view the Daily Group Schedule and Curriculum for the Nursery class!
Click here to view the Daily Group Schedule and Curriculum for the Pre-K class!

Program Features

  • Our monthly academic curriculum allows children to find a variety of interesting topics to stimulate them
  • Small class groups make learning a simple task for children
  • Fine teachers give the children space to grow and express themselves
  • Daily communication between parents and teachers help to keep you informed on a daily basis
  • Bi-yearly evaluations and parent/teacher conferences keep parents aware of students progress


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